Happy National Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month. What a great time to be a poet! Every year, I look forward to April because words are powerful, healing, inspirational and have the opportunity to save lives. As my mentor, Stan Shingles would say, “Words Matter”. I believe everything in life is poetry, and we all are a poet in some fashion. This month I encourage you to share your words with someone, social media, or on a stage (at an open mic). I believe that when we share our words with others we may be healing or saving someone’s life. There is no new feeling under sun, so what you are going through, someone else is either going through, has been through it or is about to go through it. Someone needs your words or your poem. I challenge you to make a difference and share your words with the world. Happy Poetry Month! Let’s Celebrate together!!!

Please feel free to share your words on my website or social media page. @SenecaTMPoet

I leave you with, when all is gone Keep the Hope, Keep the Faith, and as always Give More Love!

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