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As I reflect on the Salt Spoken poetry event this past weekend, I am completely overwhelmed with the love everyone showed me. It was an experience to remember.

Certificate of Appreciation

On March 15th at 8pm, the owners (and my good friends) of The Painting Poet, Michael “Mic the Poet” Gaut and Dr. Kelly Richards hosted their event Salt Spoken at this beautiful venue called SALTspace in Syracuse, New York. The event featured some talented poets. Rio, Tribe, Red Poet and Nina P. all blazed the stage. The Syracuse poetry scene is alive and well. The event also featured the very funny, the one and only, the comedian himself Mr. Travis Blunt. This is my guy. I truly enjoyed the entire show.

After the featured acts, Mic and Kelly decided to honor me and a few other Underground Poets of the Underground Poetry Spot, Ruthnie “Rae of Sunshine” Angrand, Simone “Symphonie” Owens, Jody “Jojo” Singleton, and Lanika “Phoenix” Mabrey. I founded the Underground Poetry Spot and Underground Poets in 2009. Mic and Kelly presented me a certificate for my past contributions to the Syracuse Spoken word arts and for my continued commitment to uplifting and empowering powerful voices across the nation. It was a great feeling and very much appreciated.

It is a strange feeling being honored because all I ever wanted was to be a part of a poetry family. It is amazing when you plant a seed, nourish it, and watch the impossible grow into the possible. The Underground Poetry Spot empowered, listened, developed, challenged, and saved everyone that was a part of the UPS family. I am grateful to be honored for my work with poetry, but I am more grateful to have a poetry family for almost 10 years. UPS for life!

Thank you Mic and Kelly for this great honor!

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